How Does Harvest Delivery Work?

How do I know what I am getting in my Harvest Delivery Box?

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How does Harvest Delivery work?

Is there an order deadline for delivery?

Do you include recipes?

What's in each box? Can I pick what goes in?

What's the difference between your box sizes?

What if I have an allergy/don't like something that could be included in my box?

Shipping & Delivery

When are boxes delivered?

Do you deliver to me?

How long will my food stay fresh?

Will my food be cold when I get it?

Can I choose my delivery date?

What if I'm not home during delivery?

What if my box isn't what I expected?

Is all that packaging recyclable?


Where does the food come from?

How do you vet the farms you work with?

Is everything organic?


How do subscriptions work?

Can I pause/cancel my subscription?


How do I pause a delivery in my subscription?