Fresh Produce Straight to Your Door + Referral Discounts

We're sure you're probably pretty aware of what we do here at Harvest Delivery. We partner up with conscious local farmers, pick up their crop of choice, package it up in a cold-packed box, and deliver it directly to our local customers. Which, let us tell you, is an awesome thing.

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Another Happy Customer

Another Happy Customer

Great customer service! I had a question about my order and they were prompt with the reply and resolution. Fresh produce delivered to your door, what a great concept!

-Dana M
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Harvest Delivery Project Update

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our brand new website and e-commerce platform!  Our mobile farmers market changes the way people buy food locally in our region.  For the first time, local farms and other producers will have their food products delivered directly to their customer's door.  We're offering Herbivore (No Meat), Omnivore (Vegetables+Meat), and Carnivore (Meat only) boxes to serve a variety of tastes.  But, what I am most excited about is our purchase options.  Starting this week, our boxes are available for purchase online.  Place your orders by Tuesday August 2nd at midnight for delivery this weekend (August 5th-6th).   

For the next several months, we'll deliver on a bi-weekly basis starting August 5th-6th and then following up with our next delivery on August 19th-20th.  We'll continue on this bi-weekly schedule until we get feedback from enough customers that they'd like deliveries more frequently.  The single box purchase is available to purchase to any customer.  No membership or subscription is required.  

Also, for deliveries starting on August 19-20th, our boxes options are also available by monthly subscriptions.  They can be paused when out of town or unavailable, and can also be cancelled at anytime.  Subscription orders will also be delivered on Friday's and Saturday's, just in time for regular weekend meals.  

Both single purchase and subscription boxes will arrive at your door cold packed, so they will remain fresh if you are not home at the time it arrives.  You will also receive an email with recipe ideas for the items in your box.  Our portions are generous, so we expect that you'll have leftovers. 

If you live within a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh, please give us a try!  If you are unsure if you are in our delivery region, click HERE or send us an email at to find out!

Jacob Hince

Founder, Harvest Delivery 

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