About Us

At Harvest Delivery, we connect local farmers with local people through an online market of consciously produced, wholesome food that skips drop points and instead lands directly on your doorstep in a cold-packed box.

We source local produce, beef, pork, poultry, dairy, grains and specialty artisan products from hardworking local farmers and food purveyors to deliver directly to conscious eaters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and southern New York. 

We're solution-oriented people and our Guiding Principles show that sustainability and quality are highly important to us. Since we believe it's incredibly valuable to have a personal relationship with all of our farmers, we're able to make sure the highest of standards are upheld. All of our farmers have the same passion for healthy living and preservation of national resources that we do. And, if you can't tell already, that's pretty high on our priority list.